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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Rental Criteria?

WALDEN STATION APARTMENTS RENTAL CRITERIA APPLICATION PROCESS: 1. Applicant must be a student or an athletic coach. Applicant must submit proof of enrollment in a university, college, technical institute, etc. Each applicant is required to pay an application fee of $35 per student and $25 per guarantor, when applicable. The application fee(s) must accompany the application. A security deposit is waived with a qualified and approved guarantor. A copy of a state or government issued photo ID as well as one of the following must accompany the application; Social Security Card, Passport, Green Card, Tax I.D., or other national government issued document from country of origin that establishes identity. Anyone over the age of 18 must submit an application. 2. Student applications must be filled out completely including the following: A. Rental History B. Permission to Obtain Credit Report / Criminal Background Report 3. Guarantor applications must be filled out completely including the following: A. Income B. Rental History C. Employment D. Permission to Obtain Credit Report E. Verifiable Gross Monthly Income 4. International students must submit proof of government aid and submit a security deposit equal to two months of rent. 5. Declined applications will be notified. The application fee is not refundable. GUARANTOR: Guarantors only guarantee timely payments of all monetary obligations of the lease and any extension thereof. Guarantors have no access to the apartment unit. Guarantor must be a citizen of the United States of America. All guarantors must meet the following criteria: • Credit history reflecting no eviction court records, judgment court records, or landlord debt • Income required of three times monthly rent • Be an immediate relative of the applicant • Have verifiable references for resident and employment history • Provide a notarized guarantee form • Must be a U.S. citizen QUALIFYING CRITERIA: The following information will be verified through Lexis Nexis and other sources: • Income • Residential History • Credit Payment History • Eviction Court Records • Collection Account History • Judgment Court Records • Bankruptcy Records • Criminal Background INCOME REQUIREMENTS: The required monthly income needed to qualify as a guarantor is three (3) times the monthly rental amount and employment verifiable for one (1) year. RESIDENTIAL HISTORY: Rental history must be excellent and verifiable by the past landlord for one (1) year including student status. CREDIT HISTORY: 1. Eviction Court Records must not indicate that possession of a unit has occurred or that three (3) eviction filings have occurred within the previous 24 months. 2. Judgment Court Records must indicate paid rental related judgments (or show proof). 3. Criminal Background Management reserves the right to accept or decline a student applicant based on past criminal activity. NEGATIVE CREDIT HISTORY: 1. Student and/or Guarantor applicant who has housing related unpaid judgments or eviction records will be declined. OCCUPANCY STANDARDS: ONE BEDROOM 1 student / athletic coach (maximum 1 occupant) TWO BEDROOM 1 student / athletic coach per bedroom (maximum 2 occupants) THREE BEDROOM 1 student / athletic coach per bedroom (maximum 3 occupants) PETS: Pets will not be allowed when Management assigns Students’ roommates through the roommate matching system. Pets will be allowed when Students apply as roommates to occupy all bedrooms within the unit. Pet owner must sign the Pet Addendum and roommate(s) must sign the Pet Acknowledgment and Release Addendum. A maximum of 1 (one) pet per Student is permitted with a $250 non-refundable pet fee. No aggressive breeds are allowed. Management must meet the pet prior to move-in. Any pet damages will be the responsibility of the owner and will be charged to the Student’s account immediately upon discovery of damage. Pet fees do not cover pet damages. LEASE TERMS: The length of the initial lease term is 6 to 12 months. Renewal leases are 12 months at a stipulated rent amount. All leases will expire on 7/31. Management reserves the right to amend lease terms offered at any time. BROWN INVESTMENT PROPERTIES, INC. Managing Agent for Walden Station Apartments Peter Placentino, Senior Vice President, CPM Lori Stewart, Vice President Residential Management, CAPS

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How much is the rent?

Walden Station offers a variety of rental options for you to choose from including two 1 bedroom floor plans, a 2 bedroom floor plan and a 3 bedroom floor plan!


1BR / 1BA - 576 sf - $974 - Max 1 person per unit

1BR / 1BA - 654 sf - $1,004 - Max 1 person per unit

 2BR / 2BA - 1146 sf - $764 per person - Max 2 persons per unit

 3BR / 3BA - 1256 sf - A)$654 B)$674 C)$674 per person - Max 3 persons per unit

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Are utilities included with the rent?

All apartments come fully furnished and include water, sewer, garbage, cable with HBO, and wireless internet! With all 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans also including a $30 electricity allowance per bedroom!

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Do I have to pay anything other than rent?

All new residents are required to pay $11 a month to have $100,000 of property damage liability protection through Walden Station's policy called Renters Legal Liability. However, we recommend but do not require students to be covered under their parents/guardians home owners or renters insurance policy. Please contact your insurance agent for more info.

Rent includes an electricity allowance. If the apartment's monthly electricity bill is higher than the allowance, the overage will be billed back to the apartment and divided amongst the roommates where applicable.

All new residents are required to pay an additional $3 pest control fee. Walden Station along with an outside vendor completes monthly pest control inspections for each resident's apartment as well as emergency calls handled during office hours.

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What lease terms do offer?

All leases expire July 31st.

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When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first day of each month and is late after the fifth day of each month.

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When is the move-in date?

The move-in date for Fall 2020 will be Saturday, August 15th. The first rent payment will be due August 1st. Rent is not prorated for the month of August.


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Are the apartments furnished?

All apartments are fully furnished with bedroom, dinette and living room sets! You will not have to worry about moving bulky furniture! Walden Station has it all for you!

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Do you allow pets?

Yes, Walden Station is pet friendly! Please see the rental criteria and contact the leasing office for more details.

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Is there a free shuttle that comes to Walden Station?

At this time, there isn't a shuttle that comes to Walden Station. However, Walden Station is located directly behind the Mallard Pointe Shopping Center (Food Lion, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc) and you can walk through the shopping center to catch the campus shuttle (50 Red) that stops at Grigg Hall on N. Tryon St. Its a short 5 minute walk from Walden Station to that shuttle stop.

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What is your smoking policy?

All apartments will be smoke free and smoking will not be allowed within 50 feet of any buildings including the clubhouse and pool.

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What is the difference between bedroom A,B, & C inside of the 3 bedroom / 3 bath apartment?

Bedroom A is the smallest and most affordable room which is located near the kitchen and laundry room.

Bedroom B is located near the outdoor patio and the bathroom is inside the bedroom.

Bedroom C is located near the entry door and the bathroom is outside the bedroom.

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